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Changmoh in red Global Babe à La Plage sunhat for #SaveOurSkins campaign for the month of Febraury. A face a day with a fact a day. Venue for shoot: Botanical Gardens café. Shot by Carolyn Strover

In addition to being a COLUMNIST, I have just written my first COOKBOOK (A Helping Hand: Delicious Recipes in English and Tagalog). I am also a freelance WRITER and EDITOR, (Tatler, BBC, Telegraph, L’Officiel, Expat Living, Sands Style, Changmoh) and act as an ASIA SPECIALIST for UK and US corporations looking for opportunities within Asia (Savills, Mission Media).

My company Changmoh Consults operates a SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANCY for various fashion and beauty brands in both Singapore and Malaysia.

If you would like to commission me to write an article or run a campaign for your brand on Changmoh – see disclaimer in italics below – please email me at editor@changmoh.com.

Brands I have collaborated with on this blog include:
Dr Hauschka
Singapore Tourism Board
Global Babe
Pinwheel Jewels
World of Sports

This seems as good a place as any to say that there is nothing written about on my blog that I haven’t personally done.  All views are my own.

I’m an ethical blogger in that if I am ever paid by a company to use or endorse a product it will be, first and foremost, because I genuinely love the product I am writing about.  My involvement with the company will always be clearly stated and no editorial sign-off will be granted.   

Most importantly of all, I have never written, nor will I ever write, favourable editorial posts in direct exchange for money, gifts or samples.  

Whilst I hope that products I am sent or events I attend generate copy, it is not guaranteed.  I reserve the right not to post a review in both cases.

I do sometimes, for my readers’ convenience, provide a link to a particular recommended item or store on changmoh. These are my personal recommendations and I make no money from any subsequent click throughs or purchases (this is called ‘deep-linking’).

If Changmoh Consults, my writing and social media consultancy, has connections with any brands that I write about on my site, I will disclose the connection.

I take about 90% of all photographs displayed on this site. If the image used is not my own, I will credit the source.  If you believe I have used your image in error, please contact me and I will remove it.


COPYRIGHT © All copy is written and owned by Changmoh Consults, as are all uncredited images. Not to be amended, distributed or duplicated in any way without written consent from the author.